The Website positioning


October 10 2008. Too many people think having a Website automatically brings customers or visitors who will buy products and services. Therefore once the Website online and the big price paid for the creation, people begin to hardly take conscience that their interest isn't realized.



And then comes the real problems and the professionals who created the Website, say with energy, that the customer got what he wanted, a Website. That kind of behaviour is unacceptable for anyone being responsible, because it isn't a Website that business want, but qualified customers that their Website sends them. The professional is therefore only interested in his desire and not the customer's. Is it with people like that you want to make business with?

At first, the customer isn't conscious about this point of vu concerning the popularity that a Website must have and it isn't a reason to steal or take advantage from the customer... and if professional don't inform their customers that a Website without a popularity is a waste of money, then the professional is a profiteer, nothing more.

There are thousands of Web designers on the Internet, it isn't this that's missing, the competition is large, but how many professional designers will also work on the Web referencing to increase the Website's popularity and by consequence, it's positioning according to chosen keywords?

The only way for a designer to make a referencing work is only possible if he has a personal interest for the Website to be well positioned. Paying someone for this job is money thrown by the window, because it's really possible that the Website gets "blacklisted" by Google for doubtful referencing techniques allowing to manipulate results in Search bots. Visit the Google Webmaster page for more information concerning the content quality and links on a Website.

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