Website natural referencing


October 11 2008. The action to realize a popularity or positioning of Website pages in search bots is called referencing. There are businesses who exist that specialize in that kind of work and they are SEO (search engine optimization) who also offer services for Web page optimization according to chosen keywords.

But why pay a SEO when we can do this kind of work when we have all our time? Although SEO are usually businesses who use undesirable tactics to manipulate results in search bots. What really counts for referencing is to obtain natural links coming from Websites in the same thematic as ours and to create original content which isn't taken from somewhere else, even small sentences or whole paragraphs.



Many ways are available to get natural links or what looks like natural links, what we have to regard of is when we write new articles or Web pages, the internal links are counted. The links in the text zone are the most important because they aren't grouped in a list of links. The link anchor (the words selected for the link) are also an important popularity criterion.

The external links must absolutely show a natural aspect, therefore having thousands of new links in a month isn't natural, having the same link anchors isn't natural too. Links exchanges were really used ways before, but now, there were too many abuses and the SEO had control of links exchanges because they had friends and large Websites to transfer a bigger popularity, so Google adjusted some things.

We present here natural actions who can bring quality links without looking to manipulate search bots, but to look to obtain visitors. The intention to get visitors is the key when we desire getting natural links because if our intention is to be better positioned, well are actions won't be natural, but in function of a positioning.


Prepare at least 15 different titles and descriptions for your Website, if it's more, than it's better.

• Create between 10 to 100 new Web pages per month for a Website.

• Register the Website in 20 bigger general directories.

• Each month, register the Website in 10 PR 5-4-3 directories.

• Never do link exchanges with directories.

• Search for specialized directories for your topic and add your Website.

• Write articles on your Websites concerning your new Website and add a link.

• Register the Website in Craigslist.

• Participate in forums or other information Websites without making publicity.

• Write articles like 10 tips, 10 hints, 10 techniques for...

• Make a press release and send it to press media Websites.

• Write articles in your Website and send it to Digg Websites.

• Write articles on complementary Websites and send them the page.

• When a new product is announced, document it and write an article.


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