Solution page - Website


The following information is only a writing structure concerning the solutions (services and products) and isn't a formal writing.



First title ; Page title depending on the demand


Second title ; Our solutions

Paragraph 1 ;

  - Goal ; Give more information (more pages if necessary).

  - Describe the characteristics, bring images, charts, comparisons, etc.


Third title ; Our fees

Paragraph 2 ;

  - Goal ; to remove any doubts and bring confidence to the customers.

  - Inscribe the fees, politics, Adsense to see the competition.


Fourth title ; Magic element, give more than they wait for

Paragraph 3 ;

  - Goal ; Offer more to be different from the competitors.

  - Giveaway primes, gifts, interesting advantages out of the topic.

Paragraph 4 ; Contact us.


Free fees involves expenses

Our Website design work requires expenses for hosting a Website and for the domain name, therefore we ask you a 100$ hosting fee a month after beginning working. This is also the fee to pay each year.