The selfish attitude


With an unconscious selfish attitude that’s well anchored in our habits, we desire launch a business without understanding the obstacles that prevent us from succeeding and this one is a major one with many points. You know, if the incomes of a personal business rest on what people take out of their pockets, than it seems to me that the first intelligent thing to see is to agree with people and this begins in having the intention of understanding them, to observe ourselves in our relations.



Of course, like everyone you will say that you agree with people, but is false because you say what looks good and not what’s true… It’s the big habit of people to look good because they’re not confident enough in themselves to say the truth.


A collective accomplishment is really simple, it’s only a matter of realizing the desires of others in a domain that we like so we than realize our desire without thinking, but while acting. We create well-being to others and automatically we create ourselves well-being… This is named a personal business at the service of others.


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