How to create a simple and useful Internet site?


March 21st 2009. The greatest successes all have something in commune in their structure and this is visibly a simple and useful system. You desire create an Internet site and you’re searching how to do to realize it with simplicity and easiness? If you directly look at things, you’ll see that the large businesses and the greatest successes are with simple systems and complicated and sophisticated systems.


It’s however like this with the creation of a Website, you must absolutely have in mind that what works is simplicity, and believing the opposite is a foolishness coming from complicated minds that isolate with their big knowledge accumulation in order to feel important with words and not with actions and relations.



Take a couple of minutes to discover our useful advices to create a simple Website:


1- The text simplicity for visitors

You love to believe that people like quality text content with an impeccable vocabulary and rich in words? It’s totally false, people love those who talk and write with words that even 10 years old kids can understand. Have you already assisted at a conference? And which have been the lecturers that you really appreciated? Those with a simple way to say things or those with a nice language but emotionless? Why have some been more interesting than others? Directly write and go to the goal.


2- Small paragraphs bring the effect of a simple reading

A long paragraph creates in us a monotony in our reading because we see that it’s long to read and difficult to understand. We have the habit to read a paragraph and then assimilate the information, but when a paragraph is too long, we lose sight of our comprehension with too many words. Therefore, separating your texts in small paragraphs in order to ease the reading and the comprehension by your visitors.


3- Write in an imaging way

One of the ways to communicate with simplicity and eases the comprehension is to use examples in images in order to create an interne and perspicacious point of vu in the reader. Instead of trying to explain things with words, why not explain it with examples or experiences? It’s much easier to understand with images than words because we can rapidly see something in our imagination and therefore visualize the context. Interesting lecturers always use examples in images.


4- Never use harmful graphic techniques

For the graphic presentation aspect of a Web page, what counts is the first impression of visitors, colours in large number, disturbing special effects, images more important than text and links in large number bring a fast conclusion to visitors: that the site is made by young ones and ignorant people who have no experience and no comprehension in relations with others by only concentrating on superficial in order to try obtaining the appreciation of others to fill their lack of personal esteem. The question is why put so many graphics? What do they try to hide? Internet isn’t television, it’s exactly the opposite.


By constantly keeping in mind that comprehension simplicity of a text is the key in the creation of Websites or other projects, so you realize texts in great richness in its simplest shape that people love.


Designer of free Website and founder of a book publishing house, I’ve all created starting with nothing and without scholar diplomas. Today I’m financially free and I live on the side of the Caribbean sea in permanence in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

Claude Lasanté