An important secret in marketing


April 8th 2009. One of the biggest secrets in the marketing domain is writing your own book concerning the work or profession that people do. More, if you desire sell your products or services to your friends or family, then tell them that you wrote and published a book in this subject and they’ll take you seriously instead of running away.


The reason is that people have a deep habit in respecting those that are book authors. When we read books on a subject, we automatically suppose that the authors are experts or at least, have a useful experience in that subject. Yes it’s weird, but for a reason, we are conditioned since our birth to believe that book authors are really respectable and important people.

If you’re trying to sell something without having credibility at the eyes of people, they’ll probably hesitate, but with a literary proof, you’re labelled as an expert.


Only one repetitive question could be difficult to answer, whether to know how you were able to write a book. If you’re really scared of writing a book, you can simply pick up, class, save interviews with experts on a particular subject. You can also go at a library and take a lot of information, and then redact your manuscript in a logical order to help people understanding.

It’s not necessary to have a book with more than 300 pages, a book between 120 and 160 pages is excellent for people to be able to purchase it at a reasonable price. A book publishing house that understand this marketing can help you realize this creation.


With a book, you’re an expert in something and now people want to hear what you have to say and when they buy your book, they feel honoured to know you and do affairs with you. Finally, this changes the perception and reaction of what people have about you and your business.

Effectively, one of the most well kept secrets is the book creation that anyone can do.