Where do incomes come from, money?


Do you really know? Never in life. You desire more incomes and you aren’t conscious from where they come… we will tell you… they come from people, so what do you do to understand people and offer them something that interests them? What do you do to agree with people? How is your behaviour in relation with people? You do nothing, what you do is work as an employee for a fix salary that you know for the next 30 years… you want more incomes, then give more to you boss, give more to people, offer solutions to people’s problems and they will be thankful to give money. Employees ask for more incomes from their boss and they say they’ll give more after, this is a lie, life isn’t made like this. You have to give before receiving and not the opposite. The cause comes before the effect and not the opposite. A lazy, a profiteer, a manipulator, a liar try’s to take before giving, and never he’ll give.



How to make incomes?